How to Start a Meal Prepping for Weight Loss Routine

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Learn today how to start a meal prepping to loss your weight in 2023 and beyond – prepared by our professional dietician Lorraine.

Meal prepping can be one of the best tools you use to reach your weight loss goals. Whether it be counting calories, following vegan recipes exclusively or simply cutting back on sugar intake – meal prepping makes reaching health and fitness objectives much simpler!

Atkins recommends eating a diet rich in lean proteins, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables for optimal health and performance. Check out these breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes as a start:

1. Plan Your Meals

Meal prepping can be an invaluable way to promote weight loss, but getting started may seem intimidating. If meal prepping is new to you, start small and build on that foundation gradually; creating an easy plan and shopping list are two crucial first steps towards developing an effective meal prep routine.

Meals that are easy to prepare can help you achieve long-term success in any health and wellness journey (1, 2). Meal planning can also be useful for those who prefer not to count calories or adhere to specific diets.

Weight-loss meal plans must include less ultra-processed foods and added sugars while still leaving space for nutrient-rich whole foods that you find satisfying and enjoyable. Use the Meal Builder to customize a plan that includes protein, vegetables, healthy carbs and fats; then shop carefully and methodically so you have everything in your kitchen necessary for healthy home cooking!

2. Make Your Meal Prep List

No matter which dietary approach you adopt (low carb, keto, vegan or Whole30), meal prep will make sticking with healthy eating goals easier and helping to meet weight loss targets more efficiently (2, 3, 4).

Create a shopping list based on your meal plan and purchase ingredients on a day that works best for you. Avoid doing both on the same day, as this can become overwhelming and prevent you from sticking with your plans.

Once you have your menu planned and shopping list organized, decide the number of meals that will need to be prepared each week. Beginning slowly is recommended if this is your first attempt at cooking or meal prepping; aim to prepare one or two dishes initially before expanding up to three or more. Choose simple yet appealing recipes like chicken salad or veggie stir fry that take less than 30 minutes each to make.

3. Cook Your Meals

Prepping meals ahead of time can free your willpower and mental space to make healthier choices throughout the day. Furthermore, this relieves any unnecessary stress surrounding food decisions which could drain energy or compromise diet goals.

Meal prep requires ample food for a full week without becoming overwhelming. Determine a day that works with your schedule and plan to spend one or two hours making meals that will meet that goal.

Find recipes that are both healthy and repeatable to keep yourself from growing bored, such as cooking more than one meal every week to ensure that you get an array of nutrients including protein. Store them in airtight freezer-safe containers or bags for quick thawing and reheating later – the more often you do this task, the easier it will become!

4. Store Your Meals

Meal prep can assist with weight loss by helping prevent skipping meals or snacking on unhealthy foods at home, making it easier to enjoy healthy, well-balanced meals all throughout the day.

As a beginner to meal prepping, begin small by choosing several meals that can be prepped each week and sticking with it to create a habit – this increases your odds of successful weight loss with meal prepping!

Be sure to store your meal prep in airtight freezer-friendly containers or bags to prevent it from going bad and stay up-to-date. Label all food with the date so that you know how long it has been sitting there; rotate perishable items so you always have healthy options available for consumption.

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