Healthy Homemade Snack Ideas for Kids 2023

Healthy Homemade Snack Ideas for Kids 2023

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Explore our best healthy and 100% homemade snack ideas for your kids in 2023 and beyond with high fiber and protein energy levels!

When it comes to healthy snacks for kids, fresh fruit and vegetables are always best. They’re a source of vitamins and minerals, count towards your child’s 5 A Day and are easy to take on the go.

Make it fun by serving a variety of veg, such as celery sticks, cucumber, peppers, peeled satsuma segments or sliced melon on a skewer to dip into creamy yoghurt.

Apple Slices as a Healthy Homemade Snack

Apple Slices as a Healthy Homemade Snack

Apples are one of the most affordable fruits you can buy, and they offer a good source of carbohydrate-based energy plus fiber. Pair them with a smear of peanut butter for a balanced, healthy snack.

Look for all-natural peanut butter without added sugar or salt, and choose a brand that lists real ingredients like roasted peanuts. You can also try a nut or seed-based spread for a change of pace.

If your kids are old enough, they can use an apple corer to remove the center of the apple, then fill it with a savory mixture (like sliced turkey and cheese) or sweet toppings like raisins and chocolate chips. Kids will love this fun snack that’s also a healthy meal for them. The resulting snack is high in protein and the alphabet of vitamins.

Peanut Butter as a Healthy Snack

Kids love dipping their food into dip, so this homemade version of the classic snack is sure to be a hit. Use low-fat peanut butter and a variety of healthy ingredients, like chopped fruit, to create different flavors.

Make this easy and nutritious snack using a blender and just two ingredients. You can jazz this up even more by adding other fruits and whole grains to the mix, like oats or quinoa.

Replace the sugary, salty snacks that fill school bags with this quick and easy recipe.

Bananas – Yes!

Make sure your kids are getting enough fruits and vegetables with these healthy snack ideas. Your little ones will love these sweet fruit-inspired snacks!

These baked oatmeal bars are a tasty and easy to prepare snack that kids will love. They’re packed with wholesome ingredients and can be stored in the freezer for quick access when they’re hungry.

Veggies are a great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Try this nutrient-packed spin on “ants on a log” with cottage cheese and raisins.

Roasted chickpeas are a crunchy snack that has protein, iron and fiber to help your kids power through their day. Pair them with sliced turkey, pepper jack and avocado for this simple lunch that will satisfy your kids’ hunger for energy. It’s also a fun way to practice fine motor skills.

Yogurt as a Delicious Snack

Yogurt as a Delicious Snack

One of the best homemade snacks for kids is yogurt, which provides a mix of protein, carbohydrates and fat for energy. Opt for low-fat varieties and try mixing in chopped fruits, nuts or veggies to make it more interesting.

You can even freeze yogurt in small containers to make fro-yo bark, a fun snack that kids can assemble themselves with a variety of toppings. If your kids prefer something sweeter, try a smoothie, like this Peach Yogurt Smoothie.

Fill celery stalks with hummus or if your child is four years or older, use a veggie like slices of pepper or carrot for an “ants on a log” snack. This is a great way to help kids develop their food prep skills and tastes.

Eggs (yygs!)

Children love to snack on a classic cheese and cracker combo, but you can expand on this with other options like graham crackers, rice cakes, pretzels, and slices of bread. Add a variety of spreadable toppings like nut butter, cream cheese, sliced fruit, and veggies to give kids lots of healthy choices.

You can give this snack a fun twist by rolling a piece of deli turkey, pepper jack cheese, and avocado into one “ant”-like roll. Then serve with a cup of hummus (look for single-serve packages of hummus that contain real ingredients instead of oil and salt, such as Wholly Guacamole), or try using a piping bag to squirt a little hummus into a cut tomato.

You can also make an easy-to-make healthy snack by roasting chickpeas in the oven for a crunchy and protein-packed option. They’re a great source of iron and fiber for kids.

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